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Child and Adolescent PSychology (CAPS) clinic was started in 2012, as a special service at Vazhikatti, when more and more teenagers and children were brought by their parents, so that, their unique needs are sensitively and systematically met.

It is generally acknowledged that teenagers can have psychological problems, particularly with parents! And the societies even have names for it, ‘Adolescent turmoil’, ‘Adolescent rebellion’, etc.

Preteen children and toddlers also can have psychological, behavioral and mental health issues. Familiar ones are developmental deviations like intellectual development disorder, also called as mental retardation, and conditions like Autism spectrum disorders. Apart from that, there are very many psychosocial, behavioral and mental health issues, which can cause significant disturbance both in the child and in their parents and it may interfere with the healthy development of the child and may cause family distress.

These conditions are listed below

  • Disorders of intellectual development ( I.Q.)
  • Developmental speech or language disorders
  • Autism spectrum disorder
  • Developmental learning disorder
  • Developmental motor coordination disorder
  • Primary tics or tic disorders
  • Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
  • Stereotyped movement disorder

Dealing with children and adolescent is challenging. Child Psychiatry requires special interest and additional knowledge and skills. In fact, Child Psychiatry is an important sub speciality of psychiatry, like old age psychiatry (Geriatric Psychiatry) and Addiction Psychiatry.

At CAPS clinic, psychiatrist Dr.Padmalakshmi, MBBS, DCP, MRCPsych and Clinical Psychologist, Ms.Anuradha Mahadevan,M.Phil(Cli Psy), takes care of children and adolescents with psychological, behavioral and mental health issues. Aided by the services of counselling psychologist, occupational therapist, social worker and mental health nurses, children and adolescents are treated with sensitivity and care.



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