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1. What does Vazhikatti Mental Health Centre and Research Institute do?

It is a psychiatric nursing home providing mental health care for persons with psychological and behavioral issues. It is like any other General Nursing Home or a small hospital.

2. Is it government or private?

It is a private organisation founded by Dr K Selvaraj MBBS,DPM,MD (Psych), DNB(Psych), who is also a professor of psychiatry. He is a senior psychiatrist and the director of the centre.

3. Is it Government approved?

Yes. It is licensed by State Mental Health Authority of Tamilnadu State.

4. Is it a NGO?

It is not. It is a privately owned proprietary concern. The services are charged.

5. Can a poor patient get treatment at Vazhikatti?

Yes! Anybody can. One of the conscious efforts of Vazhikatti is to give more than what they pay for. Quality care is cost effective than compromised care. Infact, majority of Vazhikatti’s patients are from middle and low socio economic strata.

6. What is special about Vazhikatti?

It is one of the comprehensive multidisciplinary psychiatric care facility, with a complete team of Mental Health professionals in the western part of Tamilnadu.

7. Who are all working in Vazhikatti Mental Health Centre?

To know more about the persons working at Vazhikatti

8. Do insurance companies reimburse the cost of the treatment taken at Vazhikatti?

Most of the insurance companies do not reimburse the cost of the psychiatric treatment, as agreed in the insurance policy. If there is a provision in the policy, since Vazhikatti is a well recognised Government licenced psychiatric hospital, you may get reimbursement. However, the scenario is changing. Of late, many private IT companies and some insurance companies started reimbursing for psychiatric treatment.

9. Do you have any branches elsewhere?

Coimbatore, since 2002 and Tirupur, since 2012 are the two centres. There are no other branches anywhere.You may have other questions that are not here. Please use the enquiry form to get the answers.