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Creating Smiles!
... Smiles of relief, satisfaction and happiness.
...through excellence in caring.


To bring in fulfillment in self and others.

Fulfillment, in our dictionary, is a feeling of satisfaction and happiness, for those who work in Vazhikatti and for those who come to Vazhikatti, seeking care and help. We, all together, strive through excellence in our care processes, for fulfillment.

Feeling of fulfillment is subjective and personal. Often it comes in waves and is cyclical.


Inevitably, multiple values, both conscious and subconscious, guide our actions. However, we choose to follow practices guided by the following three consciously chosen values. - Empathy, Courage and Accountability.


Empathy is the ability to understand and / or feel what another person is experiencing in their thoughts and feelings, from their point of view, than from ours.

We try to imagine ourselves from clients places, in order to understand what they are feeling or experiencing- sort of ‘putting oneself in others shoes’.

We believe that, empathy is a foundation on which human connections are formed and caring begins.


At Vazhikatti, courage means the authentic expression of ones beliefs greater good, inspite of challenging situations.

Courage manifests in the workplace, when an employee takes a risk or goes the extra mile – not because it benefits him / her personally, but, because it is best for the clients and organizational vision.

Courage manifests, we believe if one can see the larger context and long term outcomes.

We believe, courage can manifest when the personal interests of the employees and organizational interests are aligned.

At Vazhikatti, we aspire to bring in that alignment through policies and practices, which empower the employees to use their talents and strengths, to do what is right.


Being responsible and willing to answer for the outcomes resulting from our choices, behaviours and actions.

Accountability is the value through which the results are achieved at Vazhikatti.

At Vazhikatti, we strive to achieve results through individual and organizational accountability.