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Why Perinatal clinic was started?

Becoming pregnant and delivering a child is one of the cherished periods in women’s life. However, that period is not necessarily free from worries, fears, anxieties, frustrations and depression. In fact, research shows ....% of the women during pregnancy have mental health issues. After delivery, ......% of women have mental health issues. The well known conditions are postpartum depression and postpartum psychosis.

Moreover, many women patients who are already taking treatment for mental health issues get married and want to become pregnant. They have many worries.

  • Can I become pregnant?
  • Will my child also have mental health issues?
  • Can I continue to take tablets during pregnancy?
  • Can I stop tablets and then get pregnant?
  • Do all tablets affect the pregnancy?
  • Are there tablets which are safe to take during preganacy?
  • What alternative therapies are there?
  • Can psychotherapy alone be helpful?



Majority of the infertile couples are frustrated, anxious and frequently go through demoralization and depression. Abortions leave their own impact of loss and may cause depression in women.

To address all these issues, the Perinatal service was initiated. Dr.Endumathi, who is interested and has the necessary expertise in treating these patients, will provide care for these patients in an evidenced based scientific manner.

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