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Secondary mental or behavioural syndromes associated with physical diseases

This grouping includes syndromes characterized by the presence of prominent psychological or behavioural symptoms judged to be direct pathophysiological consequences of a health condition not classified under mental and behavioural disorders, based on evidence from the history, physical examination, or laboratory findings. The symptoms are not accounted for by delirium or by another mental and behavioural disorder, and are not a psychologically mediated response to a severe medical condition (e.g., adjustment disorder or anxiety symptoms in response to being diagnosed with a life-threatening illness). These categories should be used in addition to the diagnosis for the presumed underlying disorder or disease when the psychological and behavioural symptoms are sufficiently severe to warrant specific clinical attention.

Secondary mental or behavioural syndromes associated with physical diseases

  • Secondary neurodevelopmental syndrome
  • Secondary psychotic syndrome
  • Secondary mood syndrome
  • Secondary anxiety syndrome
  • Secondary obsessive-compulsive or related syndrome
  • Secondary dissociative syndrome
  • Secondary impulse control syndrome
  • Secondary neurocognitive syndrome
  • Secondary personality change
  • Secondary catatonia syndrome
  • Delirium due to disease classified elsewhere